The Review Process

The First Round

The student editorial committee reviews each submission for grammar and context. If the editors find the argument to be unoriginal, not logical, or unclear, they will not approve it. If the editors find the argument and context to be interesting and original, they will approve it. Approved papers will be sent back to their authors with notes of things to fix before re-submitting. Non-approved papers will be sent back to their authors with suggestions and encouragement to submit again for future issues.

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The Second Round

Resubmissions will be reviewed by the student editorial committee. The editors review the submissions primarily for context. If the grammar is horrendous and/or the context bad, then the editors will not recommend the submission for publication. Therefore, the editors will recommend submissions with good grammar and interesting context for publication. The resubmissions will also be sent to faculty editors, who review them for plagiarism, glaring errors, missing scholarly literature, and/or a wrong argument. Faculty editors are faculty and doctoral candidates from our Partners’ departments/centers who are experts in the submissions’ topics. After every submission has been reviewed by student and faculty editors, the student editorial committee, the Co-Editor, and the Editor-in-Chief pick which articles to publish.

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Authors who will be published will receive the editors’ comments on their resubmissions. This gives the authors a chance to fix some minor mistakes before publishing. They also must fill out a publishing agreement before they can be published. The Editor-in-Chief will send it to them when they need to sign them.

A Sample Rubric

Your paper will be judged on the following items.

  • The originality of the research
  • How well-researched
  • The persuasion of the argument
  • The writing style: Is it well-organized? Does it use appropriate evidence and sources? Few errors? Does it use the same citation style throughout the paper?